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The soil containing our vermicastings has a much higher Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and Magnesium (Mg) And Calcium (Ca) contents than other field soil and farm yard manure.Benefits are, yield increase in volume with improved quality, better taste and color of fruit/vegetable, rich in quality and seeds which have a higher germination capacity and also drought and disease resistance up to 70% less water & 60% crop increaseOur High Grade vermicompost is a wonderful natural organic fertilizer, rich in microorganisms and nutrients. It contains 16 types of nutrients in the right proportion. It has microorganisms present 1000 times more than field soil; these micro organisms feed many nutrients to the plants. Our vermicastings are odor free.Detailed Product DescriptionMineral Content pH : 6.5-7.5 Organic Carbon : 20.43-30.31% N/Nitrogen : 1.80-2.05% P/Phosphorus : 1.32-1.93% K/Potassium : 1.28-1.5% Carbon: Nitrogen : 14-15:1% Calcium : 3.0-4.5% Magnesium : 0.4-0.7% *full content are available upon requestBenefits * Chemical Free * Odorless * Improves soil structure, aeration and maintain the eco-balance in the nature * Water holding capacity * Less disease and pest attack. * Provide balance nutrition to plantsBest use for 1. Ornamental and flower plant gardening. 2. Turf and grasses 3. Fruit orchards 4.  .************************************************